CoG Defer discussion on LPS24

While many people prepared to attend the Ordinary Council meeting set down for the 9th February 2021, a late email was sent on Tuesday 9th Feb to advise that the LPS24 discussion agenda item had been removed from tonights meeting.

Perhaps its because the Councillors have realised that 36 residents who raised serious concerns over the move to include 2 x new land use options to the current rural land use delegation on the old Kelvin Road tip site in an attempt to seemingly try and legitimise their current open DA for the Ops Centre and Waste transfer station.

Or perhaps it is so they can determine the outcome of their SAT hearing set down for Monday 15th February where they are challenging the WAPC decision to refuse their DA under the current TPS6.

Either way, it provides everyone with more time to email their council representative and bring to their attention that there were 40 objections to the Operations centre when it was adverised – and 0 submissions supporting it.

We strongly urge you to make you voice heard and do at least 1 of the following to make sure you have your Councilors listening;

1 Prepare an email stating the reasons you object to LPS24 having these additional uses added – and do not accept that it is a legitimate use of the land that is currently zoned as rural.

2 Prepare a deputation to present at the ordinary council meeting of 23rd February – to let your elected members know – you aren’t prepared to have your voice silenced.

3 Ask a question at the ordinary council meeting of 23rd February as to why the council persists to push the old Kelvin Road site as a preferred location for an industrial facility when it is clear it should be located at an industrial area.

Don’t sit by and miss you opportunity to have your voice heard.

The City of Gosnells needs to hear from you to know that they are doing the wrong thing. In every consultation phase they have gone through they have had increasing numbers opposing it – and they do NOT have the support of the residents and landowners of the area.

Dont let them forget that they are elected to REPRESENT you as their constituents and they exist to SERVE you.

The Administration on the other hand continues to prepare (numerous) documents for council – seemingly with a view to overlook significant issues that exist and downplay the opposition to the Ops centre as well as portions of LPS24.

Don’t give up now – on the contrary – it is time to be louder than you ever have before.

Make sure they hear your voice.

Make sure you attend the meeting on 23 February 2021, unless of course they come to their senses prior to that and give up on pushing their unwanted agenda. Don’t let it happen!


CoG appeal WAPC decision

The City of Gosnells are appealing the refusal of their Operations Centre and waste transfer facility from the 8th December 2020 when the facility was officially refused and the application denied by the SPC (division of the WAPC).

However it seems the City of Gosnells now has obtained a hearing in the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) as an appeal to the decision made by WAPC. This hearing is set down for 15th February 2021.

In addition the City of Gosnells has included in its agenda for Tuesday 9th February 2021 to progress the LPS24 as a replacement for the existing TPS6. This includes the CoGs insistence to add the use of light industrial use at the old Kelvin Road tip site in amongst the Rural and Rural residential lots surrounding it. If you wish to protect yourself against the Operations Centre progressing then your efforts to protect the rural amenity of the area would be well directed in making a point of this with your local councillor(s).

The City of Gosnells seem predisposed with a fixation on the utlisation of this Kelvin Road site without ANY investigation into more appropriate industrial lots where this facility SHOULD be located. Perhaps you could ask you local council member to explain why this is the case. There has been no logical explanation offered.

During the consultation phase where they (CoG) received 40 responses to the development application (DA) – All 40 of the responses opposed the facility – and there were 0 in support of it. Yet they proceeded to WAPC with the application anyway – where it was refused – and now they push on with the same site again.

Protect your local area – protect your lifestyle and rural amenity – Don’t let it happen.

Say no to the City of Gosnells Operations Centre and Waste transfer station in Orange Grove. It doesn’t belong there.

Please attend the City of Gosnell Ordinary council meeting on 9th February and ask why they pursue this site? Hold them to account.


D Day

The City of Gosnells Development Application for their Waste Transfer Station and Operations Centre was set down to be heard by the Statutory Planning Committee at this months meeting on 8th December 2020.

The officers recommendation was for refusal of the application as it did not meet a number of criteria. in addition the council had received 40 objections to the proposed facility during the recent advertising and consultation phase.

A link to the SPC agenda can be found here. The item is agenda item 8.1

We are hopeful the committee will accept and follow the officers recommendation for refusal and which will ensure the City of Gosnells continue their search for an appropriate place to build such a facility and not place it in a rural/rural residential area.

Minutes to the meeting are expected by mid next week.

We live in hope!


Say No!

On 25th August the City of Gosnells began advertising its latest development application seeking feedback on its Waste transfer station, Dog pound and Operations centre to be located in Orange Grove.

The City has commenced advertising the development application for the operations centre which can be viewed at the following link:

Submissions on the development application are due by 15 September 2020. 

If you believe that this development application is not consistent with logical planning processes; does not meet the common sense test; and results in diminishing your life-style – as well as property value – then don’t forget to make your voice heard.

Oppose this development application and ask the City of Gosnells to place this facility where it should be – in an Industrial zone, not a rural one. Don’t accept second best. Please submit your opposition to this development application and make a difference.

Protect the Orange Grove rural lifestyle and the greater Foothills greenbelt. Don’t allow the City of Gosnells to make their own rules as they go. Hold them accountable.

Say NO!

Save your serenity. Don’t let it happen!



The City of Gosnells has made changes to the land uses inside its most recent – 2020 – version of the LPS24 – it would seem – so they can push through the alternate uses of light industrial and waste transfer facility in an attempt to legitimise their choice of location for the proposed Waste transfer station, Dog pound and Operations centre in a zone previously designated as rural and rural residential in older versions of the Local Planning Scheme.

For reasons which remain unknown – They will not pursue to place this development in an appropriately approved Industrial area like they should.

There is plenty of Industrial land free in the City of Gosnells but they refuse to follow the legal framework in front of them and instead choose to pursue changes to their Local planning Scheme 24 amendments as a way to legitimise their decision – A decision which was based on flawed information in the first place.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Have your say and reject LPS24 amendments which would enable them to place industrial facilities in rural areas. The people of Orange Grove and Wattle Grove deserve better. You deserve better.

Say no to the new LPS24 2020 amendments and help retain the rural foothills greenbelt in the best condition we can for future generations.

All feedback needs to be lodged to the City of Gosnells by Close of business on Wednesday 26th August.

Don’t forget to get your feedback in and help protect our beautiful area from industrial destruction by this Council who wont consider legitimate options.

Our future generations deserve it.


Feedback coming in

Feedback has started flowing in from locals opposing the proposed site for the Gosnells Operations Centre and Waste Transfer Station.

Please keep your feedback coming if you want to make a difference in keeping this area non industrial! There are other locations where this type of facility should be located.



  • EVEN THOUGH- They received 20 responses against the proposal and only 14 in support of it during the consultation period – this was referred to as “views were DIVIDED”. 


Save our serenity. say No to Gosnells Waste transfer station in Orange Grove!

The City of Gosnells have decided to proceed to planning using the previous Kelvin Road refuse facility as their newly selected preferred site of their operations centre and Waste transfer station. this is despite having a minority of feedback in support of their chosen location.


Feedback Ignored. Lets change that!

This site has been created to provide a voice to those residents and effected parties that the City of Gosnells have overlooked in their search for a new Operations and waste transfer facility site selection.

If you believe you have been ignored, please pass us on your feedback so the Gosnells Council can be held accountable to the democratic process which they seem to have overlooked.

At the very least, you will be part of a community group who stands up for their beliefs.  At best, they just might LISTEN!