Say NO to CoGs proposed Ops Centre in Orange Grove

Say NO to CoGs proposed Ops Centre in Orange Grove

The City of Gosnells have approved a proposal to re use the old Kelvin Road Refuse site for its new Operations Centre and Waste Transfer Station – bringing their garbage back to Orange Grove after 24 years.

This transfer station will create major amounts of unwanted odours emitting across the suburbs of Orange Grove and Wattle Grove and cause numerous issues.

Residents need to stand up for their rights and hold the City of Gosnells to account. The council pushed though the approval of this site without acknowledging or listening to the local residents who outnumbered the supporters of the proposal 20 to 14. In addition to that – 3 people opposing the proposal made statements at the council meeting of 23 June urging the Councillors to reject this proposal, and not a single person was there to support it. 2 others asked questions as to why this site that is clearly NOT identified for Industrial use would be selected as the preferred site. The Councillors chose to ignore that majority of feedback and push through with this as their preferred site.

The City of Kalamunda wrote a submission to oppose the site, however it appeared at the meeting that MOST of the Gosnells Councillors hadn’t even been made aware of the City of Kalamunda report.

If you believe strongly in holding the City of Gosnells to account, provide your feedback and join the movement to close this option down. Its just not the right location for an industrial application. Even their own – newly prepared – LPS24 planning framework – identifies the land as Rural use!

Keep them honest and provide your feedback. Don’t sit back and let them overlook the obvious and turn their back on the majority of their residents.

Below are some links to their proposed development sites showing the location they have selected.

Council Map Of Location of proposed development
Location of affected area under consideration